Get the Right Personal Insurance for Your Unique Needs

Get the Right Personal Insurance for Your Unique Needs 15

Heffernan Insurance Brokers provides specialized insurance programs and personal risk management for individuals and families.

In today’s fast-paced world, you can never be too prepared for the unexpected. Your home and its contents are some of your most valuable assets, and having the right protection in place can mean the difference between a catastrophic loss and a bump in the road. In addition to homeowners, earthquake, and flood, we offer auto insurance, personal articles insurance, and more to ensure your belongings are protected.

But your risks don’t stop there. If you’re a victim of identity theft, do you have the right tools in place? What if you’re injured while traveling? Our experts will conduct a personal risk analysis to find the best coverages to suit your needs. We offer identity theft and restoration services, travel coverage, medical evacuation, life insurance, and more.

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