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Running a business is no easy task. In addition to the everyday challenges of keeping customers and employees satisfied, you have to contend with the extraordinary challenges of operating in a tech savvy, litigious and rapidly-changing world. When you open for business each morning, you never know if you might encounter a data breach, an employment practices liability lawsuit, or a new health reform compliance requirement.

To contend with 21st century risks, you need a forward-thinking and hardworking risk manager, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Heffernan Insurance Brokers.  By partnering with us, you’ll have an extra set of very experienced eyes and ears watching out for your business, along with access to a wide range of flexible business insurance solutions tailored to your unique needs.   Read More
Contact me and explore the possibilities.

M. Brant Watson
Senior Vice President
D: 925.295.2506
C: 925.330.1151


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