Forward-Thinking Business Insurance

Forward-Thinking Business Insurance
Forward-Thinking Business Insurance 15

Now would be a good time to conduct a review of your policies as well as YTD revenues and payrolls to get a feel for coverage gaps and your total cost of risk to get ahead of the renewal curve.  30 minutes of your time can harness 30 years of my underwriting and brokerage experience;
If there are some hidden cost or coverage gaps, I will make some suggestions.
If there are carriers that haven’t been approached in the last couple of years that would compete well on your account, I will point them out.
At that point you can decide whether or not it makes sense to move forward with me in the capacity you choose.
Please let me know if this is something you would consider.

Best Regards,

M. Brant Watson
Senior VP
C: 925.330.1151


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