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Insurance renewal creates an excellent opportunity





In talking to many commercial insurance buyers the last 25 years, many  who are now clients,  I understand that resource and relationship are big reasons why many business “stand pat” on their insurance,  even though there may be a curiosity that something better lays beyond their current brokerage/carrier relationship.

Heffernan’s specialized carrier access as well as our risk management and client service platforms are exceptionally unique.   This creates an excellent opportunity for you to explore multiple coverage, cost and service options in the changing marketplace, especially If you have not shopped outside your current brokerage relationship recently.

Like most of our clients, you may be surprised by how far your insurance dollar can go!  Please let me know if you have interest and/or if  there is a good time for me to contact you to discuss this further?

Best Regards,

M. Brant Watson
Senior Vice President
Heffernan Insurance Brokers
D:  (925) 295-2506
M:  (925) 330-1151

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