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The Mind-Boggling Future of Remote Engagement

By Susan Saldibar

My 92-year old mom is not tech savvy. And it’s not because she couldn’t be. It’s by design. She prefers face-to-face communication or the telephone. And if she is going to press any buttons, it’ll be to turn on the TV. Always has, always will.

I, on the other hand, am pretty much wired for sound, from my iPhone, to all the apps I use to my laptop, social media, you name it.

This is the gap that senior living community operators are struggling to fill; from one generation to another of seniors.

Communications Technology

I caught up with Kian Saneii, CEO and Founder of Independa (a Senior Housing Forum partner), who continues to be on the cutting edge of communications technology, having delivered his share of seminars and keynotes on some great topics, such as where this industry is headed.

In one of his recent presentations, Kian cited some interesting stats from Pew Research about older adults. Here were three that, together, made me do a bit of a double take:

  • Only 17% of older adults use a tablet or smartphone

  • Only one third of older adults own a computer

  • Yet, older adults spend an average of fifty-one hours per week watching TV!

Fifty-one hours per week watching TV? Wow. How many of us boomers remember our moms snapping off the TV after our requisite 2 hours per day was reached? Didn’t they say something like “too much TV is bad for our brain cells”? Interesting

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