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For both large and small business medical insurance, companies need to look no further than Heffernan Benefit Advisors.

Heffernan Benefit Advisors have been providing viable insurance solutions since 1988. And the cornerstone of any employee benefits package is an affordable and dependable group medical plan.

Some group benefit lines are required by state law, but many others are provided to attract and retain the best and the brightest employees within your industry.  Many employees and job hunters put great value on a company that offers competitive group medical plans.

Heffernan Benefit Advisors offers comprehensive yet affordable medical plans to individual/small business and large organizations in all 50 states. Businesses and their employees benefit greatly from the group health insurance plans offered by Heffernan Insurance Brokers. If your business could use small or large group medical plans, our Benefit Advisors can customize a benefits package that caters to your specifications and financial models.

We can arrange for your group medical offering in all 50 states:

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