Non profits exist for one reason – TO DO GOOD. Because nonprofit entities are created to help others, it’s hard to imagine they would face a variety of lawsuits and claims. But here’s the reality: Nonprofits often function with donated money and volunteer workers, in a variety of venues with unpredictable situations and crises. With this combination at play, nonprofits find themselves facing insurance claims more often than one might expect, which is exactly why a custom-tailored nonprofit insurance program is essential. –
Nonprofits have many of the same insurance needs as other businesses.

Is your nonprofit ready for robust risks?
Don’t let a challenging economy or a shoestring budget deter you from your mission. Be mindful of the robust risks you face and protect your organization with comprehensive, tailored coverage. Heffernan’s Nonprofit Practice offers a wide range of insurance products to fit your specific needs and budget so you can continue the important work your clients count on. –

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