Do you have the right insurance?


Do you know if you have enough insurance?

Does your current insurance cover the entire expense of rebuilding your structure if there is a fire? Perceptions can be different from actual claim realities when policies are put to the test. Ordinance, coinsurance, power surges, data breach, water damage, and numerous other policy conditions, exclusions and limitations are often baked into even the best coverage forms and often only come to light in carrier declination letters after a claim has been filed.

Do you have enough business income insurance limit to cover your revenue stream if you can’t run your business due to a loss including setting up shop elsewhere, keeping key employees, and providing revenue in your restart period? Carriers put the burden of declaring the right limit on the policyholder, often leaving the burden on you by utilizing worksheets that are confusing and antiquated. There’s a better answer than guessing, which can lead to limited claim payments or paying too much premium.

Finding the right coverage for you

Let me help you get the coverage you want to fit your business. We’ll
make it easy to make smart decisions concerning your coverage based on information you provide. You don’t want to wait until a loss occurs to find out you are not adequately covered.

Set up your free insurance review today

The more you know, the better you can plan for what’s ahead. Call or email me today to set up a consultative, no cost, hassle free, zero obligation review.

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