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Need sales people for new local retail awards program.


Register  Localvantia merchants in your area.  

Q: What is considered “local?”
If the merchant is located close enough that you’d be comfortable driving to visit their store or have a meeting as their Account Manager on short notice, they can probably be considered local for you.

Q: How will merchants be convinced to opt in to the Localvantia program?
For starters, Localvantia can clearly be seen as one of the easiest, most affordable methods available for them to create new customers and sales.  Being a Localvantia merchant also gives them access to great free tools to help them increase their sales.  And then there’s this:  All prospective Localvantia merchants are advised of the number of current SFI affiliates and TC members in their area.  Imagine being a merchant and being able to sign up for Localvantia and immediately tap into dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of area affiliates and TC members hungry for free rewards!  And we make sure all those affiliates and members are aware of every Localvantia merchant in their area.  That is, we prominently and directly promote Localvantia merchants to all our affiliates and members!
Q: Is Localvantia just for the United States?
No!  Localvantia is for ALL affiliates, ALL merchants, in ALL countries!  As an SFI affiliate you can pre-register merchants wherever you live.
Q: Why would merchants want to participate in the Localvantia program?
Because it’s one of the easiest ways to increase their sales.  Think about it:  Are YOU more likely to shop at the local merchants in your area that reward you with free rewards?  Of course.  And what about the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other affiliates and members in the area?  They too will have a great incentive to buy from “Localvantians.”

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